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We use the latest painting & decorating methods to ensure we deliver great results while reducing downtime for our clients. Not only does this reduce disruption for businesses we work with but it allows us to price ourselves very competitively.

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About us

A Star Decorators is a Poole-based painting and decorating company specialising in commercial interior and exterior decoration. We’re dedicated to delivering results tailored to the client’s expectations with outstanding services and quality craftsmanship, we do everything from quick clean-up jobs to detail-oriented, high-end projects, single rooms to whole buildings. We also offer rental repaints of offices and living spaces.

We deliver sterling results because we understand the value of good planning. Over fifteen years in the field, we’ve learned that quality craftsmanship combined with precision planning is a vital aspect to success. What we mean by precision planning is simply elementary: clear and concise communication and coordination. We value clear communication the most, it is also another vital aspect of delivering the results tailored to your requirements. We listen attentively to your particular requirements, working with you from the start to ensure understanding and can deliver all agreed-upon requirements and expectations, whatever they maybe ranging from small residential works to bigger projects on industrial sites.

Once we made your requirements clear and understood we will inform you the ideal way of getting the job done, only then we start taking action on a well thought out plan coordinated professionally and efficiently. On top of that, you will always be up to date with the progress especially in the important phases, this will be done on a day to day basis. We endeavour to make it easy and stress-free experience for our clients keeping to the schedule in spite of any minor hiccups that may occur which are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We stick to every job until it’s done. After completion, we’ll do a walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction. Visit our portfolio of past projects and services to see more.

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