How to Remove Water Stains on Your Office Ceiling Permanently?

Discovering a sudden dark patch on your office ceiling can be unsightly and frustrating and should be treated immediately to avoid structural damage to your commercial building.  Water stains are potential signs of leakage within the wall. Water seepage through the building during rain can form black spots and demean the visual aesthetics of your workplace. To avoid structural damage to your commercial building, it’s wise to hire professional office painters and decorators in Dorset and fix the problem before it turns worse.

Fixing a water stain with professional paint may seem tempting, but before plunging into the job, you must investigate the cause of the leak and take necessary measures to cover up the stain by office painters and decorators in Cambridgeshire. When it comes to fixing water stains on the ceiling, a temporary fix is not the permanent solution. With that being said, here is a step by step process for getting rid of those unsightly stains. 

Removing Water Stains with Oxygen Bleach

For treating hard stains, oxygen bleach is highly effective. If you don’t want to use chemicals, oxygen bleach can be an ideal alternative. It’s milder compared to its chemically charged counterpart-chlorine and widely used during house cleaning. Most importantly, oxygen bleach is safe for use and doesn’t cause paint discolouration, thereby making it a preferred choice when dealing with coloured paint finish.

Removing Water Stains from Office Ceiling-A Stepwise Process

Cleaning & Rinsing Off the Stains

The steps to remove water spots using chlorine bleach are not so different from that of oxygen bleach. However, for cleaning, it’d advisable to mix bleach and water in 1:4 ratios. If the stains are too hard to remove, you may reduce the proportion of water whilst keeping the quantity of bleach intact. Once you are done scrubbing and rinsing the stained area with gentle hands, leave it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Apply Good Quality Primer

An oil-based stain-resistant primer is highly recommended for ceilings that have undergone tremendous abuse. Oil-based primers are mould-resistant as well as insoluble. You don’t have to worry about stains bleeding. Before applying primer by office painters and decorators in Nottinghamshire, wipe off the ceiling using a clean cloth and remove any dirt and debris that may have settled on the surface over the years. Use a paint roller for even application and allow the primer to dry for a couple of hours before applying paint.

Paint the Ceiling

Both water-based and oil-based ceiling paints are ideal for use over oil-based primer; however, it’s recommended to use the same type of paint used initially on the ceiling. To help you find the ideal match, a test swatch can be of immense help! Professional office painters in London strongly recommend testing paint shade before the final application for the best outcome. However, don’t hurry to compare the paint colours immediately. Allow the paint to dry and check whether it requires a second coat before you start comparing. When you are finally satisfied with the result, apply the paint by office painters and decorators in Surrey over the primed surface for the best outcome. 

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