Why Commercial Exterior Painters Always Use High-Quality Primers?

Priming the walls is an important part of the surface preparation process before painting and the painters in London and Dorset follow the different procedures of preparation to achieve the best results. However, during the prep-work, the commercial painters always use high-quality primers due to several reasons and here we will take a look at some of them here.

  • Helps Protect the Building Surface from Moisture
  • The commercial painters and decorators in London, England use premium primer as these have proved to be highly effective against moisture both in the building exterior as well as in the interior. 

    When these are applied, there is less chance of damps in the walls. Thus, the walls of the building last longer and offer good resistance against harsh weather.

  • Helps to Make the Building Walls Appealing
  • The advantage of applying a high-quality primer is that it helps to make the building walls look appealing. 

    Since the primer helps the actual paint to adhere to the surface, the building starts to look enticing while providing good paint protection.

  • Is a Good Sealing Agent
  • Another good reason to use quality primers is that they can be used as a good sealing agent, especially in patchwork.

    The primer helps to make the building surface smooth, and for this reason, the commercial painters use primers after fixing the cracks and holes just before starting the paint job.

  • Extends the Life of the Paint
  • Generally, commercial paints are good and are made to last. But if good quality primers are applied before starting the painting, these paints last even longer. So, the exterior painters in London, England use state of the art tools to apply the primers on the commercial building before applying the paint.

  • Best for Hiding Stains that Does Not Go Away
  • In the paint preparation process, the commercial painters scrape off the old paint and remove the stains. But some stains cannot be removed and these can be best hidden by applying quality primers. But since there are many types of primers, the painters analyse the building wall first and depending on its condition do they choose the primers.

  • Best for Porous Walls
  • If the walls of your commercial building are porous, painting can become difficult. So, to fix the problem, the professionals use high-quality primers. 

    These primers fill the pores and make the surface even and hence, the paint adheres to the surface well and looks smooth.

  • Wall Damages from Weather can be Avoided
  • Another advantage of using the best primers is that they protect the walls from the damages caused by weather. 

    Today, modern primers are produced with materials that contain chemicals that can resist harsh weather effects and for this reason, the exterior painters in Dorset always recommend using quality primers.

  • Helps Retain Texture
  • Commercial painters help retain the texture of the walls after the paint. 

    Be it a glossy paint or a flat one, if a primer is applied in the preparation stage, the colour appears to be vibrant and the textures (if any) become more prominent.

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