How the Surface Preparation for Industrial Painting Done by Painters?

Preparing the surface is extremely important in industrial painting because the paint needs to adhere to the surface. Moreover, since in an industrial setting, premium paints are used that are capable of withstanding chemicals and other abrasives, preparing the surface becomes necessary. Otherwise, these paints will neither adhere to the surface nor will they become effective.

So, let’s see how the industrial painting contractors in London prepare the surface of an industrial area before they can start the painting.

  • Removing the Existing Paint
  • Before the new paint can be applied, the contractors will need to remove the existing paint. This is a complicated process when it comes to a factory or any other industrial area because these paints cannot be fully removed by sanding that we notice in the residential areas.

    To remove the existing industrial paint, the professionals might use abrasive blasting along with sanding. However, in certain situations, water blasting is also used with the former. 

    The latter is mostly used to remove the dirt and grease from the surface along with the Epoxy paint on the floor.

  • Resurfacing the Areas
  • If the surface of the industrial area is badly damaged, the industrial painting contractors in England will need to resurface the areas that include repairing the cracks and other damages. Along with this, the concrete should be resealed to protect it from staining and corrosion. 

    The resurfacing can be done on concrete walls, floor and other areas and it can take some time depending on the condition of the surface.

  • Applying the Primer
  • There are different types of primers and when it comes to industrial areas, the right primer needs to be applied. So, the professionals will need to choose the right primer. For this, they will first check the operating temperature in the factory, the higher and lower temperatures, moisture and oxidisation along with the existence of other components.

  • Inspect the Industrial Area
  • Before starting the painting, the painter providing the industrial painting service in England will inspect the industrial area to see whether there are any electrical short circuits that might be hazardous. And if found, they will notify the owner so that it can be fixed before painting on the surface can be started.

  • Preparing the Floor
  • To prepare the floor, the painters will follow a number of techniques. These include, shot blasting, diamond grinding, scarification, scabbling, etc. to name a few. 

    Since the floor of the industrial area has to go through a lot of traffic, chemical spillovers, etc. it is important to prepare it before the Epoxy can be applied. Else, the floor paint will not turn out to be durable and you will have to go for a repaint in just a couple of years.

  • Solvent Degreasing
  • To paint the metallic surfaces, the local painters in Dorset carry out solvent degreasing. This process makes metal painting easy as the solvent acts as a cleaning agent.

    The solvent is sprayed on the metallic surface and only when it becomes clean can the painters apply the paint. 

    So, by following these ways do the industrial painters prepare different types of surfaces in the industrial areas to make the paint last longer.

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