How Commercial Paint Can Improve Warehouse Safety?

Keeping the health and safety of warehouses intact is an ongoing challenge for most business owners. However effective painting and line marking techniques have proved to be extremely effective in improving the safety standards and minimising accidental hazards that may occur while manoeuvring equipment, moving and loading bulk cartons and many more. The right paint not just creates safe pathways but increases traction on floors and psychological well-being of workers. Besides protecting staff from frequent slips and trips, paints alert employees of potential hazards and keep safety unhampered.

How Quality Paint Can Improve Warehouse Safety?

A road with no lane markings, road signs or stop lights is bound to have chaos. Similarly, a warehouse that doesn’t direct equipment traffic or lane markings is bound to trigger the potential of injuries. Floor lines need to be present consistently throughout the facility when hiring commercial painting service in England and staff should be provided with colour-coded safety instructions for reduced accidental hazards.

What Causes Warehouse Paint to Wear Over Time?

Regular wear and tear cause floor lines to deteriorate and temporary fixes are often not sufficient to match up to the safety standards. Depending upon the volume of traffic in your facility, you may use semi-permanent or permanent paint, however, consulting with professional commercial painters and decorators in London, UK can help you make the right choice.

What Type of Paint Combinations are Best Suited for Warehouses?

Whereas there is no such rule of thumb for the colour selection, vetted commercial painting contractors in London, UK resort to industry-grade practices for durable and quality commercial painting to improve warehouse safety. Yellow lines usually mark paths for traffic movement and red dictates potential dangers and warnings. However, the colour contrast of red and black, yellow and black are universally recognised.

Apart from the above, you may choose contrasting colour tones that match with your facility requirements, however, one thing you must ensure is to maintain consistency throughout the facility. Painted walkways can be differentiated throughout the facility and improve productivity to a great extent. Moreover, paints can be used to differentiate areas for equipment storage and aisles can be established for specific equipment operators. Additionally, specialised commercial coatings can be applied by commercial painting contractors in London, UK to enhance traction and offer added durability to floors.

Preparing for warehouse floor coating requires a holistic approach and advance planning for quick and hassle-free outcomes. Hire a professional commercial painting company in London, UK and schedule the paintwork accordingly. Invest a sufficient amount of time in identifying and rectifying damages and power wash your facility for maximum paint adherence.

Skilled and trained commercial painters

At A Star Decorators, our team comprises of skilled and trained commercial painters and decorators in London, UK who follow the necessary safety guidelines and have the required tools and equipment to execute the job seamlessly. We carry on the work as per the promised schedule with reduced downtime and environmental impact. Book an appointment today and improve the safety of your facility like never before!