How to Choose the Perfect Wall Paint Colour for Your Office?

It’s no wonder that paint colours influence thought process and boost employee morale and productivity if implemented properly. Although there is no rule of thumb to incorporate any specific colour tone for office walls, however, you need to choose shades that can create a positive remark of your brand and leave a lasting impression on the minds of clients, stakeholders and vendors visiting your workplace for the first time. 

 To make the right decision, it takes a lot of planning, prepping and homework and in this blog, we have come up with some helpful tips that can help you learn how paint colours influence work behaviour.

Things to Consider When Choosing Colours for Office Walls

Choosing the perfect colour scheme during office painting in Nottinghamshire, UK is a challenging task and with so many shades, patterns and textures to choose from, it becomes difficult to determine the right combination. However, taking into account these helpful tips can make office painting in Cambridgeshire, UK less cumbersome.

Consider the Purpose of Your Space

Before finalising office painters and decorators in London, the first and foremost thing you need to consider is to understand your industry and choose shades that can make your brand stand out. Whereas neutral tones such as shades of grey, white and beige are ideal for offices and banks, professional office painters and decorators in Herefordshire, UK use tantalising colours such as yellow, red, orange, purple are best for retail outlets as they make a bold statement and influence the buying decision of customers.

Consider the Natural Light Requirement in Your Space

Lights greatly impact the choice of paint colours and brighten up space. Rooms with no to less penetration of natural lights may call for lighter hues whereas rooms with plenty of sunlight penetration can benefit from a combination of dark pastel tones. It’s equally important to test a sample prior to interior painting in London to know how your final outcome will look like as light reflects colours and may change the appearance of some shades.

Keep in Mind the Purpose of Each Room

Not all colours are good to apply for board rooms, meeting rooms or conference cabins. For instance, cabins meant to held meetings or interviews should have a warm, professional colour tone. On the other hand, workstations can have light pink, yellow or orange walls painted by office painters in Dorset, UK which can impact the thought process of employees and explore their creativity. Whether you want to maintain calmness throughout your space or go for warm shades to maximise energy and morale of the employees will depend upon the purpose of your business.

Maintain a Seamless Blend Throughout Your Workplace

Being a business owner, you would obviously want paint to cohabitate throughout your space and to get the flow correct, so choose colours that will help in maintaining a more cohesive look. If you want to separate a space, you may ask the office painters in Warwickshire, UK to apply transition colours in reception areas, kitchen or restrooms to prevent your workplace from looking abrupt.

Planning to Hire Professional Office Painters for a New Makeover?

At A Star Decorators, our team comprises of skilled and vetted office painters and decorators in England who have extensive knowledge and use high-quality paints to make your space stand out. With superior workmanship, quality and proficiency, we apply meticulous paints that can offer a professional edge and make exterior painting in London stand out. To schedule your next office painting appointment, get in touch with us or speak to our consultants directly and ask for a free quote anytime!